Fun Assembly Required

lego bricks

From Jun S., November 2014

"In looking for birthday party ideas for my son's 5th birthday, I found Lucas and Fun Assembly Required. Since my son is a LEGO fanatic, I knew this would be the perfect party for him. I emailed Lucas and he was very responsive, informative and answered all of my questions and provided some useful advice. We got to choose from different themes and we picked Star Wars.

On the day of my son's birthday, Lucas showed up promptly, and helped me get the party started. He is great with kids and has a rapport with them, as well as having good tricks up his sleeve to keep kids interested. He helped the kids build cool spaceships - no easy feat given the wide range of LEGO ability of the party goers. While Lucas kept the kids entranced, I was able to get lunch ready and really enjoy watching the party. My son made a cool spaceship and we took a picture of each child with their creation. I would also like to add that we had no extra parents at the party (maybe having 1-2 would have been useful) but the kids enjoyed the party so much that my husband and I were able to host the party on our own (i.e., a houseful of 10 kids!). After the LEGO building was over, Lucas quickly cleaned up and departed, leaving a bunch of happy kids. This was by far the best kids birthday party I have had for my son. Lucas was very professional and personable. Thanks so much Lucas!"

Excerpt from review by Sounds Fun Mom, August 2012

"Lucas ... came out the morning of the party with Melissa, a high school art teacher, to build LEGOs with the kids. When they arrived, they had a tub of LEGO bricks that they poured onto our (fortunately large) dining room table. The LEGO-filled tub was large, but everyone was shocked to see just how many LEGOs there actually were since they seemed to keep coming & coming as Lucas poured them out. All of the kiddos sat or stood around the table with their own base plate to build on & they were captivated the entire time. Lucas & Melissa taught the kids (& grown-ups) neat assembly techniques, gave tips on how to construct buildings, helped them build, & also showed off their own cool pre-assembled creations they had brought to display. At the end, they did all the clean-up, which as any parent knows, is never easy when it comes to toys with lots of small parts! ... All in all, this was probably the coolest, most successful birthday party we’ve had for my son."

lego bricks